Monday, 17 June 2013

Birthday Blogger...

Hello Dear Readers,

Apologies for almost a month of a lack of posting... I am currently in the process of moving to London and if I haven't been at work all hours prepping for the delightful summer sale I have been up and down to London interviewing, having meetings etc etc... So to say I have been busy is a total and utter understatement! On a positive note the blog is going to the capital, so I am planning to add waaaaay more street style, cultural tit-bits and general fashion-y rubbish that makes my blog my blog, and things that I couldn't access in person when I started...
So, as a little apology (and a new promise to stop taking long post breaks) I am doing a bit of a personal post about what has been taking up my life recently... Notably I turned 27 (I am sobbing into my pillow at this old lady feeling) last week and spent much of the past couple of weeks planning my last birthday celebrations in my current home of Manchester. I had a lovely day, made ever more lovely by the folk around me and their kind gestures. I will talk you through the silliness that are my little photos (via Instagram filters) that I took to remember the day by...

Firstly I went and did a little food shop and got way too excited by the fact that my favourite tenderstem broccoli had a use-by date of my birthday!!! And so did my precious blueberries! This silly little thing excited me in a silly and made me smile a lot because, well I am totally daft!

Secondly because I am a sad old singleton I don't have anyone to gift me with Birthday Blooms this year, so being the independent woman that I am I bought them myself! I am totally obsessed with flowers and love having them around my home as much as I can, and these were super pretty... They are a pale creamy pink with darker pink edges on all the petals and just made me smile. So birthday blooms had to be gifted. I don't know why I love having a bunch around, but I absolutely love them. They make me smile, and don't get me wrong I prefer someone to buy them for me but sometimes, like diamonds, a girl just has to buy her own blooms. And it was my birthday so I had to have a bunch!

Next up are the cupcakes I baked on the eve of said birthday... I decided on vanilla and blueberry flavour decorated with vanilla buttercream and silver balls. I am a keen baker and have only just got back into the habit the past month or so and fancied having one for my birthday breakfast, so I got whisking. If I wasn't such a fashion hag I would totally be a little wannabe baker and would be trying to flog my cupcakes to all and sundry. And so I'm told I am pretty good.

Next up is one of the gifts that I received, which is the Chanel nail polish Bel-Argus from the new summer collection. I am a total Chanel hag and have lost count of the number of their polishes I have, and this lovely blue was gifted to me by a fellow Chanel obsessive... It reminds me of Mediterranean seas and sun soaked holidays, days spent melting into the beaches on holidays. I love the fact that this polish reminds me of a by-gone holiday in Malta, it evokes happy family memories and reminds me of suntans, boat trips and the smell of sun tan lotion. Perfection in a polish.

The next image is my new birthday nails! As part of my gradual transformation into a lady I have decided to take up the much needed habit of having regular nail extensions again, I went for long(ish) super pointy oval in the Pink Mask (which is just the pink acrylic you have on a French tip) which is a little tacky but I love them. They make me feel feminine, and chic and I love the routine of having something to keep up regularly and this excites me a little bit. Plus I love the idea of it helping me to be a little more of a lady. And I love this.

Lastly is one of the gifts I received from my BFF in the whole wide world... She asked me for a list of things I wanted and this was my "DVD/Book Wishlist" which was a list of things I'd intended to buy and wanted for a while. I watched Blue Valentine on the last day of my birthday weekend, it was a melancholy, bleak and bittersweet little dose of love that had my current person-to-perv-on Ryan Gosling... Sadly his dodgy hair and glasses look wasn't too hot but I did love the film. I do love a bit of bleak in a love story and this gift fit the bill in that respect, plus it was lovely to receive because I missed it at the cinema and have been desperate to see ever since. 

So there you go... A little glimpse into me of recent weeks. I promise posts will be much more regular!!

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