Friday, 8 March 2013

Master of us all

That is what Monsieur Dior once said about the late Couturier Cristobal Balenciaga, in reference to his standing in the age old haute couture world of yesteryear. This says much about the renaissance that is currently shaking up Paris Fashion Week, you see there is a batch of younger talent taking over the biggest houses in the city and it is only having a positive impact.

Alexander Wang was appointed the new Creative Director of Balenciaga earlier this year, and I suspect from the show that he has produced he may be feeling tentative, nervous even, about the appointment. I guess it is no secret that folk have been curious about what he would bring to the table, how he would take on the legacy of one of the, if not THE, greatest couturiers that the past century has seen. For me I felt that he has represented the house beautifully, albeit safely. He used analogies of marble, and that of breaking marble to reference the young breaking through from the old, and a new era taking over not only this house but Dior, Carven and god knows how many others. From what I have read there have been rumblings of slight feelings of the boring about Wang's offering, but I personally felt it was a fitting reference to the house and its founder. He referenced the silhouettes that Cristobal himself became renowned for, there were puffs, rounded shoulders, sharp wispy waists and an innovative use of fabrics all that the house's founder was greatly credited for. What it lacked in impact and grandeur, the collection more than made up for with style, class and wearability. Wang may not have made a huge statement with his first collection, but give the boy a chance. He has hinted here that he is here for the long haul, he wants to grow, develop and carve his own niche out. What Ghesquiere left behind, Wang will most definitely pick up and bring his own aesthetic and creativity to the plate. His predecessor revived a house so steeped in history some were too scared to tackle the legacy but Nicolas did it beautifully. He brought the house into the new century and helped carve a new look... Wang will pick up from here beautifully, and I believe he is more than capable of carrying Balenciaga further and proving that he is one of the new masters. Ready to carry Paris and some of its most esteemed couture hoses into a new age. This is nothing but exciting. Here is to the new masters of us all.


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