Monday, 11 March 2013

A letter to Phoebe...

Dear Phoebe Philo,

For many a year I have coveted you and your design prowess, I have admired from afar as you took on the helm at Chloe and made it one of the go see shows of Paris, and created a look that shaped the modern woman. And inspired a trillion high street knock offs. Oh and single handed
You helped make Zara fabulous, because it is clear their collections are an ode to you and your woman.

Since you floated off and came back to revive the fledgling fashion house that is Céline, you have done nothing but make me love you all the more. I never knew that I could become as obsessed with a brand, or look, than I have with yours. I covet every piece, collections and handbag. Oh the bags!! If I had a trillion pounds I could spend it all on your bags. You are a genius. A total god.

I never knew that I could want to dress in such a chic, simple and downright minimal way, you have inspired me to strip things back and make my look so much more streamlined. Cool. In a weird, and androgynous man repelling way. You have influenced me to dress only for me and no other, when I slip on my blouses and skinny trousers I do it please myself and other Céline addicts. I don't care if I look a bit odd or boring. Boyish even. I am just happy.

I love that you have inspired to be much more ladylike, and sleek. Not to make too much of a crazy bag lady impact. This makes me happy. I like me and feel much more fabulous and confident. I love that you have made me realise if I want to wear furry shoes and coats that appear to be made of laundry shoppers. I can. And I can do it with such conviction that other folk will think it's fine too. I want the fur dress, the green hairy coat, and the mannish coats that may well make me look short and fat but I still want them. I will covet them. I know I will feel like a slinky Wonder Woman. I will feel chic and French. I owe all of this to you.

I love you. Thanks Phoebe.

Much love a dear fan. X


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