Saturday, 28 July 2012

In Jacobs we Trust

 I stumbled across Rachel whilst I was waiting for a friend outside the lovely Chester Railway station... I quickly noticed the abundance of Marcy Marc Jacobs she was layered in and her bouncy blond curls only added to the aesthetic. Plus I'm a sucker for platinum/roots and Rachel rocked it. I think it's because the right amount of riot gives a look a little edge and I love it when a girl doesn't look too primped and polished (the Carrie Bradshaw, roots thingy will also have a spesh place in my little heart too) and this only added to the cool thing she had going on. Oh and the graphic floral trousers! Be still my beating heart!

 After a little chit chat (mostly me being a nosy right one) I discovered she had just flown in from a trip to Sin City... Where the tax is low and the Jacobs is in abundance baby! She admitted her purchases were her only clean garms hence the lashings of it. Well thank god for laundry day! It resulted in a rather smashing outfit...

Here is to Marcy Marc and the pound to dollar exchange rate! What a treat of an ensemble...

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