Sunday, 8 July 2012

Givenchy me more!!

For many a year Couture week has always been one of my most anticipated fashion weeks... I heart it! The drama, craftsmanship, the older houses steeped in history... And the fact that some couturiers specialise in this art form and don't produce ready to wear collections. Sadly the Fall 2012 couture week didn't really light my fire as much...sadly for me only a few collections really got my little fashion heart racing...

As always Givenchy, designed by the magical couture marvel that is Riccardo Tisci was one of my pervert favourites, making my fashion loins burn with dirty aesthetic desire. As regulars will know I loved Dior so much I think I secretly wet myself... But Riccardo didn't disappoint. Not an iota. During his tenure at one of Paris' most highly revered couturiers Tisci has embraced to full effect the ateliers and materials at his full disposal. One can't deny that his collections at Givenchy never fail to disappoint or amaze. Fashion editors, society girls famous folk and general fashion perverts alike have been dripping in Givenchy for years, pledging their fashion allegiance to Riccardo and his unwavering talent and flair for capturing what girls and boys want to drape themselves in season after season... He has dressed Kanye and Jay Z's Watch the Throne tour! Not many fashion folk can own that accolade... Oh and there is THAT Superbowl performance too... Riccardo is a pretty big deal one might say.

Sadly austerity and the current first world recession the economy has succumbed to was prevalent in many of this seasons couture collections. Looks have become commercial and (I stifle a sob here) WEARABLE!!! For me haute couture has always been about the ateliers and houses showing the very best that they have to offer (see the Valentino docu-film The Last Emperor for visual, bona fide fashion porn proof) and the eye watering prices reflected this. The fact it takes days or weeks to produce each garment is proof enough that the collections warrant their price tag, especially that you get up to 30% discount for being able to fit the samples, or not require any changes to the items... Many items when delivered to buyers don't resemble the catwalk looks at all, as you would expect if you are shelling out over 100,000 Euros for a gown you can expect to make changes and alterations to make it right for you and your needs. It saddens me that the recession has resulted in designers having to adapt and change their innermost creative collection. The one collection that should be able to shrug off these testing times. However it was bound to happen, even the super rich have to be careful. I guess if you want to buy a dress that costs the same as a fancy apartment you want to get your wear from it.

For me Givenchy was one of the few highlights, one of the houses unwilling to buckle under pressure. Flicking two fingers at the failing Euro, and giving the wives of the worlds billionaires exactly what couture means... Total and utter fantasy. Collections to completely lose yourself in and that take your imagination to another land... And for that I say GIVENCHY ME MORE!!!!!

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