Friday, 15 June 2012

A year older... Not wiser

Yesterday was my birthday.... It was a welcome fun fabbity day in what can only be described as a week from hell. Things have gone a wee bit cray cray at work which has made me feel like my little world has turned upside down and I live in a parallel universe where my hair is straight and I drive around in a flying car....

Anyway, I had a wonderful day courtesy of the boy. It started with croissants and a much needed cup of tea to start off proceedings. We went for a magical little treat of a fancy lunch topped off with champagne and macaroons (I had raspberry and praline, the boy had an espresso cocktail thingy instead of champers) which is my idea of birthday shaped heaven!
The boy presented me with a swanky pair of Zara shoes that I have been hankering after and I recon will make my little trotters look rather fabulous. After we stuffed our little faces with fancy pastries he took me shopping and let me run wild picking things.... I did very well! My haul included.....

A Marcy Marc Jacobs coin purse

Two new collars - a lace one, a silver one - I'm obsessed and want leather, cream lace and sequinned ones to add to my collection

A peppermint lace dress

A neon pink leather/grey suede shopper

The parentals got me a "new iPad" and I got her a Lanvin home to live in! I've been treating myself far too much...

As well as this I took myself on a little plastic bashing spree in Topshop as a "happy birthday to me" treat. I had my little eye on a few things that I wanted to add to my summer repertoire. I spent an hour whipping my clothes on and off and sadly ended up with things I didn't want (Topshop sizes don't quite fit my lady curves sometimes) but I did get the silky floral trousers I've been salivating over for a number of weeks. I also got a pretty, floaty, oversized dress to wear out for birthday champers this weekend....

Anyway back to the actual day.... After tiring the boy out shopping and eating we had a little cat nap and rounded the day off with a gym session (for me) football (for him) and a marvellous dinner of steak and greens cooked for me.

All in all my birthday succeeded in popping a smile on my face. Hope you enjoy my birthday picture fun....

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  1. Aw Happy Birthday! (a late one anyway)
    Sounds like you got some lovely things <3

    1. awww thank you stephanie! i had a lovely day and was spoilt... thank you so much for the comment, i don't get too many. <3