Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ain't no one trick pony...

There are two brands from NYFW that have overcome any connotations of 'celeb endorsed/designed brand' and they are Victoria Beckham and The Row. Both have developed and grown into marvels of modern fashion, and I adore both every season. They design collections and product that women want, and do it effortlessly and brilliantly. Now I can't comment on how much pencil gripping and sketching is done by the women themselves but I don't think that matters really, mostly because the product that both brands offer has proven to be desirable, edgy, coveted by women and commercially viable. 

If it was all about the name everyone would be devouring the product, but the price points of both are not as accessible and readily available to the Primark generation, and therefore these brands are pitching themselves at the seriously wealthy and seriously fashion obsessed. I believe you have to be obsessed to spend thousands a season, either that or just extremely fussy about what you wear. 

Anyway, to the collections, VB moved away from her usually structured and tailored offerings and produced a collection that is concentrating mainly on separates, and the mixed textures and fabrics of last season that VB has commented were extremely popular have made a come back in an attempt to please the women that love her product. I am loving that the silhouettes are really flirty, short and cute as opposed to the structured midi lengths that we have come to expect from Mrs Beckham. I loved that the collection had a chic and sporty element to it, and despite being less tailored and a whole heap more undone than she usually does it still looked polished and beautifully put together. 
As always her colour palette was muted, and emphasis was on cut and quality and I guess that is what Mrs Beckham's woman comes back for season after season. I loved that there was a flash of fuschia and oxblood to lift proceedings, the way that VB mixed textures and fabrics was the defining moment. The plastic looking triangle details on shirts was a weird edge that I loved. I especially loved that she has produced some of the classiest mini skirts, like ever! This is one celeb endorsement that gets top marks from me... 

I have always been a little bit obsessed with the Olsens, and have lusted after both their brands for quite some time now... I especially love The Row because it is a sure fire way to be able to look as louche, un-done and well fabulous as Mary-Kate and Ashley and this pleases me greatly. 
For S/S 14 the Olsens offered up their usual softly tailored, and louche elegance via Arabia, and I wouldn't usually dress up in robes and tunics day to day but as usual anything that the Olsen's say is cool pretty much turns out to be. I could imagine most of the looks looking stunning with heels and piles of trinket style jewels and stacker rings and looking more New York or Paris than Lawrence of Arabia... That is the magic of these two arbiters of cool, everything they touch seems to turn to gold and from the prices of this stuff the same goes. I loved that this collection was free from trends and looked absolutely nothing like anything else that other brands and designers offered up, and that's what makes The Row so cool, and proves that Mary-Kate and Ashley are far more than child actresses of yesteryear, they are designers of the most talented and fabulous kind. 

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