Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Daily Perv



I have become a little obsessed with the love baby of Humberto Leon and Carol Kim, also known as Kenzo. The current collection is nothing short of eye wateringly Perv worthy... The subject of today's Daily Perv is a clutch/pouch thingy with an eye embellished onto it.

Kenzo is to iconography what Yeezy is to hip hop, bad quotes and collaborations... It never used to be like this back in the day but when a brand has two stellar tastemakers such as Kim and Leon at the helm it's bound to produce some Perv worthy product... 

This season the tiger is still there in small quantities... The prints and such are clouds and eyes. The eye being the main focus if you take a peek at the show... Hence it appearing on all manner of things such as this pouch! So there you go... Some reasons for shameless perving/lusting/spending money...

Oh and also £150 for a designer clutch/bag/pouch/whatevs is well, cheap! 

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