Monday, 20 August 2012

Miserable Mondays

I have been toying with the idea of a weekly post, and bizarrely became fixated on it being Monday themed, I have no idea why as i hate this day. With bells on. Despite the face I have no reason to, I am no 9-5er therefore my days off change weekly and I don't have every weekend free to give me good reason to dread this day, I just hate it. I think it stems from my intense hatred of school and ever since weekends have become a haven, so I dread Mondays.

 So, in response to my day based anger I have decided to develop a weekly concept to make Mondays less dreary and more magical, and the only way I know how is through the medium of fashion.... Soooooo (drum roll please!) welcome to Miserable Mondays! I know, I know, if it is meant to be fun I shouldn't use such a sad word like "miserable" but that's just what this day is, and I am using the power of blogging to dispel this from everyone once a week. It will be like an outfit post/diary post, using the power of me to cheer you up with my utterly random sense of dress and hopefully fun things to make you feel less blue... Plus only four days 'til the weekend bitches! BOOM! Two things to smack a toothy smile on your faces.

 Today me and the boy went on a little 'Flat Furnishing Expedition' to the marvellous magical land that is Wythenshawe Civic Centre. It is like a crazy mini shopping land, very similar (and much cleaner) to Salford Shopping City aka Salford Precinct. Civic (as it is affectionately known) is a paradise of bargain shops, food stuffs, a nail bar, afro hair salon/shop and magical little market. We bought fancy cushions, crockery and plastic kitchen appliances... Aside from fashion and all related matter, household goods get my little heart beating. Today was like Christmas! My favourite purchase was a little ceramic egg box (minus lid) to keep my farted from a chicken protein-based products. Oh and my electrical mini chopper (for baking, which I LOVE!)

 For this sunshine soaked day of fun I wore my neon pinky/orangey knit from Topshop, which I love because the knit is all loose and holey and keeps me relatively cool in these "summer" months. I added my floral Primark shorts to the mix... For accessories a little vintage bag, Chanel pumps for the hi/lo lix and my new H&M "rose gold" paper chain necklace. Since Autumn/Winter ain't too far off and I will no doubt be draped in all manner of darker hues I thought i would make the most of my summer purchases before I feel to silly dressing like a colour blind pensioner out on a day trip.

Let me know what you think of the new Monday venture...

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