Tuesday, 20 December 2011

ab fab.

I actually cannot wait. I know in regards to Christmas day I should be more excited about stuffing my face, spending time with my nearest and dearest, emptying my stocking, mince pies and general festive fun... Alas there is a another reason, and that my dear readers is AB FAB. 10pm, BBC 1 and I will be curled up, blanket wrapped guzzling Cava (wishing it was Bolly sweetie, darling) and generally revelling in the wonderment that is Absolutely Fabulous. As a young fan I was more Saffy, now I'm a bit of an Eddy (sartorially) and generally a very big lover. The three new episodes (and rumoured film) have been muchly anticipated by moi and every other FASHWAN addict and general Ab Fab lover. I hope everyone is as excited as me...
(image courtesy of blog.tvguide.co.uk)

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